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More Funny Tees, More Stupidity

Stupid Tees have been designing and creating IdioticRidiculous, Stupid, and Funny T-Shirts for more than 15 years. Why? Partly because we like Stipd and Funny Stuff but mainly because we can't get proper jobs. We've tried but we kept getting the sack - something to do with attitude.

And so began the first Stupid T-Shirt - ihateworking@yourcompany.co.uk - can't see the problem with a free expression of feelings myself, some people just don't have a sense of humour.

As we were only allowed crayons at work at first, the first T-Shirt designs were all a bit simple and in 6 colours only, but then somebody invented computers and soft touch keyboards and off we went creating Stupid Tees for daft people. We have sold over 25,000 tees to more than 25,000 satisfied customers on Ebay (check our feedback) and other sites.

We then went on to sell Rock & Roll Tees covering classic bands such as AC/DCMotorheadRHCPSex Pistols etc but kept coming back ro selling Daft T-Shirts and stuff to fellow daft afficionados - and so we have come to this, our new website. We have added Retro T-Shirts, spoof Rock'n'Roll T-Shirts, Birthday T-Shirts, and TV & Film T-Shirts and will be adding new tees an an almost daily basis.

Pathetic isn't it? - No, not the website, the fact that grown men do this for a living. Thank God for care in the community.

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